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New Association with Premiere Racing

Ink is dry on the contract for the last three races of the season. Team Litton Racing will be racing for The Wally in the Las Vegas Nationals, Las Vegas Regionals, and Pomona Finals with Mike Walsh and Brooks Brown of Premiere Racing.

Mike Walsh is well known around the track as “Movie Mike” for his work on hundreds of cars for Hollywood and the film industry. Mike’s career as a car customizer began at an early age when as a child he modified his first Hot Wheel to make it different from those of his friends. Mike was greatly influenced by his father, “Pops”, who is an avid car fan and a customizer in his own right. Pops ensured that Mike was exposed to all that the Southern California custom car scene had to offer. Taking his young son to car shows, racing events, and custom shops, Pops introduced Mike to the elite customizers in the business. During his career, Mike has worked almost every job in the industry relating to cars, including as a car carrier driver, a stunt driver, a picture car captain, and a transportation coordinator.

Brooks Brown has many accomplishments in the sport of drag racing. He has been a national event winner, a national record holder, a mechanic and crew chief to the stars. He is generally one of the more versatile guys in the sport. Brooks has been especially successful in a world where success is measured by the fact that you can keep eight cylinders lit for an entire quarter mile; the world of the very fickle, fuel injected, nitro burning dragsters. Together with his dad, the late Tom Topping, Brooks was part of one of the hottest cars back in the early and mid 1990’s. “Our car was pretty good,” Brooks said. “We ran with everybody and beat most of them. Those were good times.”

Litton Racing and Premiere Racing are excited to unite forces in an attempt to be one of the “hottest cars” on the track and finish the season leaving everyone wondering how this force will be stopped in 2015.