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Teamwork, Nitro, and a Certain Path to Success

Throughout his childhood Bill Litton had a love of competition and just about anything with an engine. At an early age Litton competed in the tough physical and ultra competitive world of Motocross Racing, at one point earning the coveted #1 plate in West Texas (1974). His professional motocross aspirations ended due to a torn ACL in 1976.

Litton at the time owned a 1968 GTO that many thought “was the fastest car in town” in his then hometown of Kermit, TX which is about 50 miles from Odessa TX.

His love for competition and speed quickly turned to the sport of Drag Racing. He attended the Frank Hawley School of Drag Racing in California; in 2003 to earn his competition license under the tutelage of current Nitro Funny Car Driver Jack Beckman to compete in a Super Comp Dragster.

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